Monday, December 29, 2014

A Confession Song

Over hill, over dale,
through bush, through brier,
in the water, in the air,
from each lung, to every foliage,
I do wander everywhere.

People call me carbon dioxide,
a carbon hugging two oxygen side by side.
Showing no color, smelling no odor,
with no pain, but only gain,
I am now brought to court by my own fostered.

Some see I absorb infrared;
they scare heat will be piled up.
Doomsday is near – the Earth is going to be smoldered.
Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and sea level rising,
all the disasters are of my fault.

They do not see how I emit infrared;
they do not know I’m frigid cold.
Nitrogen and oxygen kiss me again and again;
that’s the only way to get rid of their heat.
Never a pollutant, I’m my friends’ coolant.

A coin has two faces; a banknote has two sides.
There is no way to double your wealth
with finest skill in razor-thin slice.
Anything that absorbs emits;
nothing that does not emit absorbs.

The planet will be fine in the future.
Natural disasters are of nature.
Probing a mystery from another side,
naked eyes can see truth naked:
I tune only temperature profile against altitude;
how much heat comes in, the same amount goes out.

Animals demand oxygen and supply carbon dioxide;
Plants’ demand and supply are the opposite.
The oxygen ratio over me is an indicator:
The plant kingdom hundreds times outnumbers the animal’s.
Little by little, one must wonder
how can I avert demise. 

The world will end
if I run out.
When my level is lower,
plants grow slower;
they feed according to quota to last longer.
As my level is raised higher,
plants no more hunger; the planet looks greener;
living turns to be easier and better.

Think over again the atmosphere;
that is something that must share.
Yin and yang thrive with harmony.
Aiding me helps you yourself shiny.

Life is sometimes a joke.
I scold no one for drinking my milk and naming me snake.
A mother would never upset but await
her beloved children to wake!